Jamaica Debates Commission

Assisting in the strengthening and growth of the Jamaica's democratic process


The Jamaica Debates Commission’s mission is to assist in the strengthening and growth of the democratic process by encouraging and supporting the dissemination and discussion of political views in an open and unbiased manner so as to enable the Jamaican electorate to make informed decisions. The Commission is of the view that by staging and widely distributing national political debates it will encourage political parties and the public to identify and focus on the issues of national importance.

Why Local Government Debates are Important to You!

Local government is responsible for:

  • Making by-laws, regulations and rules for the good governance of the parishes over which they have jurisdiction
  • Developing, managing and maintaining infrastructure and public facilities such as parochial roads, minor water supplies, social water/standpipes, drains and gullies, municipal parks and beautification, public open spaces, recreational centres, markets, arcades, abattoirs, animal ponds, cemeteries, transportation centres, bus terminals, public sanitary conveniences, parking facilities and public beaches.
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